UW-WC Off-Campus Job Post Request Form

All job posts will be reviewed by the Student Services department of UW-Washington County. If approved, you will receive an automated e-mail and the job post will automatically be posted to the off-campus job opportunities website (http://wshforms.uwc.edu/jobs/offcampus).
Job posts will remain on the site for 30 days and will be automatically removed after 30 days has expired. If your post is denied, you will receive an e-mail explaining the reason for the denial and explanation of how to resubmit your post with the necessary corrections. All fields below, with the exception of a "logo", are required.
Please allow up to 5 business days for your post to be approved.


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I understand that my job posting must first be approved by UW-Washington County administration and will remain online for 30 days once approved.